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education, northcliff house college, school, schools hermanusThis year has had its succession of both positive and challenging experiences. Looking back, we at NHC have not just focused on the academic side of things, but also on the cultural and sporting aspects. Events such as the annual Concert and Maths Olympiad, and inclusion in the Junior Town Council gives learners the opportunity to explore new aspects of their personality and help to develop as members of the community.

NHC has become a prime example of what inclusivity truly means. Our classes are a healthy mix of learners who want to excel and reach their maximum potential as well as those who need the extra help to achieve their academic goals. The teachers have gone well beyond the call of duty to ensure that each and every learner reaches their potential.

NHC would also like to thank those parents who have supported and worked alongside the school and the teachers in order to help the learners. With the assistance of the parents, we can ensure that all learners are in a safe and happy environment and, by doing so, enabling each learner to develop as a whole. This is vitally important to us and we cannot do it alone.

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An exciting addition is the groundbreaking work on the development of a program under the guidance of Mrs Vivienne Mitchley. The scope of this program includes covering the CAPS curriculum but adapting it to meet the needs and levels of each individual learner. This program is still in its infant stages but we hope, over time, to develop it is a fully integrated program.

The term “Full-Service School” was introduced in Education White Paper 6 firstly, to underline the important role mainstream schools play in developing an inclusive system and secondly, to clarify their role as levers of change.

These guidelines form part of the Schooling 2025 Plan of the Department of Basic Education to strengthen the implementation of Inclusive Education and to ensure greater access for all learners, especially the poor, to educational support in their local neighbourhood schools. They are also intended to contribute to the fundamental mindset shift in the way the schooling system regards special needs and disability. (2010 White paper 6.)

Mainstreaming’ or ‘Integration’ ‘Inclusion’

Mainstreaming is about getting learners to ‘fit into’ a system. Inclusion is about recognising and a kind of system or integrating them into this respecting the differences among all existing system, learners and building on the similarities.

Inclusion is about supporting all learners, even with extra support, so that they can ‘fit in’ or be integrated by educators and the system. A ‘normal’ classroom routine.

Learners are assessed by specialists who diagnose and prescribe what levels can be met. (Specialists in Hermanus). The focus is on teaching interventions, with the emphasis on Independent learning programmes and on the development of good teaching strategies that will be of benefit to all learners. The focus is on the adaptation of and support of the learner within the systems available in the classroom.

NHC is moving away from the outdated terminology such as ‘learners with special education needs’ and ‘learners with mild to severe learning difficulties’, to learners with barriers.

Overview of the Education Provided by Northcliff House College

Grade R – 12
Northcliff House College is a well-established independent, co-educational school for a new and innovative generation. Northcliff House College caters for learners from Grade R – 12 (National Senior Certificate) and is growing rapidly.

Northcliff House College is an established independent, co-educational school 

  • We cater for children from Grade R to Grade 12.
  • The school was born out of a need to provide quality education and a fresh alternative to traditional education in Hermanus.
  • It has at its heart a deep commitment to blend, traditional values and principles with the modern need for social responsibility and leadership.
  • It recognises that educating our youth in traditional values, morals and ethics while equipping them with essential life skills and knowledge, is essential to secure their future.
  • This quality, Dual-medium education is offered in small classes with 1-7/1-15 pupil: teacher ratio.
  • A pupil centred approach, modern curriculum design and committed educators ensure the fulfillment of these ideals. By ensuring that the class environment is small and that personal interaction takes place between learners and teachers, a positive academic environment can be created.
  • The locality of the school, set in the natural beauty of Hermanus has been ideal for propagating a “homely“ environment that is safe and secure for all learners and staff.

About our Education at Northcliff House College 

  • Through working with other schools in the area the principal identified a need for an educational institution for children who do not fit into the mainstream educational system.
  • Several of these learners had special needs, suffering either from a learning disability or behavioural problems.
  • The school has a Special Needs class that caters for learners with all kind of problems.
  • Northcliff House College was established in May 2000 with 5 learners, this quickly grew to 9 learners.
  • It was first started as a “home schooling centre”, but as its reputation grew more learners enrolled.
  • It soon registered as an independent school.
  • Over 300 pupils have already made it their home and as the word continues to be spread, the school is geared towards establishing itself as an independent school of excellence.
  • It has already produced successes and impacted the local community and environment in ways that many schools do not achieve.
  • Unique, stimulating opportunities from grade 3, pupils are made aware of the intricacies and wonder of nature and are taken on educational excursions. eg, Vogelgat Reserve, Grootbos Nature Reserve and Fernkloof
  • Reserve and a firm favourite is shark-cage diving.
  • We strive to develop a strong sense of self-worth, accountability and encourage creative and critical thinking in all areas.
  • Firm, positive discipline lays an ethical foundation for dealing with the pressures of an increasingly demanding and complex world.
  • A wide range of academic activities provides a firm foundation for individual expression and the attaining of goals.
  • Areas like debating and participation in The Junior Town Council is encouraged as well as participation in Eisteddfods and Art competitions.

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