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School with a View

We aim to provide – through quality education, innovative and enlightened teaching – free thinking, open-minded, yet self-disciplined individuals. These individuals will be encouraged to have self-respect, as well as respect for others and their environment. The school is structured to meet these aims for every kind of learner from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Special needs learners in all grades who seek the opportunity to be part of an integrated social norm, are accommodated.

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Quality Dual - Medium Education

NHC is equipped to cater for both learners with special needs and academic enrichment programmes for more advanced learners. Quality, dual-medium education is offered in small classes with an excellent pupil/teacher ratio. A pupil centered approach with emotional support is offered within a modern curriculum. NHC is accredited and monitored by all WCED standards which ensure a quality education is provided. The school has an excellent academic record and gained recognition in 2011 for “Achievement for Academic Results in the Overberg District”.

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Ranges of challenging learning areas are offered at NHC. Children are continually assessed in order to implement consolidation, extension and remediation. Highly qualified, child-centered classes and subject teachers facilitate the pupils’ learning experience. The introduction of the interactive whiteboards has made the learning and teaching experience a richer one. Academically, the school keeps pace with modern trends in order to stay at the forefront of education and aims to create productive members of society.

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Read what our students say

  • The school’s intimate dynamics not only taught me the academics to pass but I also received a fantastic education in the game of life.

    Jeani Oosthuyzen, 
  • The three years that I spent at NHC were the best years of my school career!

    Theo van der Merwe, 
  • I am proud of my school where I was nurtured and inspired to excel.

    Shannen Keyser,